Hacking Human Brains w Technology in Nashville

The topic is: "Hacking Nashville Human Feelings Attitudes Beliefs Behaviors With Technology" or "do we actually have any agency with our minds?" Tristan Harris: "Could technology be hacking human feelings attitudes beliefs behaviors to keep people engaged with products?" Nicholas: "the key themes is the notion that our minds don't work the way that we sometimes think they do. We don't have as much agency over our minds as perhaps we believe. Nicholas: "Hello I'm Nicholas Thompson and I'm here with two of my favorite thinkers Yuval Harari and Tristan Harris. I like to think of Yuval as the man who explains the past and the future, and Tristan's the man who explains the present." Tristan: "I am a director of the Center for Humane Technology where we focus on realigning technology with clear-eyed model of human nature. Before that I was the Design Ethicist at Google where I studied the ethics of human persuasion." Yuval: "I'm a historian and I try to understand where humanity is c